Credit Courses

Kells credit courses are offered to suit your preference! We can meet your needs at home or in the classroom. Courses will be offered on-line through our e-learning management system taught by our trained and experienced teachers. Students will need to have access to an ipad or computer along with reliable internet. Additionally, small class groups will be available at the high school campus. All health and safety measures will be in place at the school and in the classroom to ensure strict adherence to government directives. Students will be required to wear a mask and maintain proper social distancing. If there is not sufficient registration for in-person classes, all courses will be held on-line.

*All final exams will take place in the classroom with appropriate safety measures in place.
A minimum of 6 registrants is required in order for a course to be offered.

Credit Course Review Programs: (Grades 10- 11)

These reviews are designed for students who have already taken the course and are familiar with the material and content. The focus is on preparing students for the final exam. Test taking strategies are a component of the program.

Dates: July 5th-30th, 1.5 hours per day, Monday-Friday
Exam Week: August 2nd-5th
Times: to be determined
Cost: $585.00 per course
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Deadline for registration: Tuesday June 29, 2021

Grade 10:
· English Language Arts (632-406)
· French Second Language(634-404)
· Mathematics (563-414) CST
· Mathematics (565-426) SN
· History & Citizenship (585-404)
· Science & Technology (555-444)
· Env.Science & Technology (558-404)
· Math Bridge CST to SN *This course is full - Waiting List Only
· Science Bridge ST to EST *This course is full - Waiting List Only

Grade 11:
· English Language Arts (612-536)
· French Second Language(634-504)
· Mathematics (563-504) CST - Tutorials only, Prepare for Cegep
· Mathematics (565-506) SN - Tutorials only, Prepare for Cegep
· Physics (553-504 ) - Tutorials only, Prepare for Cegep
· Chemistry ( 551-504) - Tutorials only, Prepare for Cegep
A minimum of 6 students registered per course are required in order for it to be offered.

Bridge Courses:
Grade 10 students whose average is 80% or above in Mathematics CST or Science and Technology ST have the opportunity to enroll in a Mathematics grade 10 SN or grade 10 EST (Environmental, Science, and Technology). The application must include a recommendation letter from the referring school or teacher.


Cancellation Policy:
· If the student is registered and cancels before the class starts, an indemnity fee of 50% of the cost of the program will be charged.
· If cancellation is received after the program has started, the student will be charged in full.


Early Bird Discount:
Students who register before June 18th will receive a 5% discount on all summer programs.

Discount code: 2021

For more information contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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