Knitting For Tiny Miracles

Our FLEX crochet class took part in a heartwarming initiative by making beautiful blankets for the premature babies in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at The Jewish General Hospital.

Rosaleen Rinzler, chair of the JGH Auxiliary, is passionate about helping the Tiny Miracles and supporting this important cause. Being one of the largest birthing centers in the province of Quebec, this hospital delivers over 4500 babies per year of which 700 are premature newborns. Babies born in this unit may weigh as little as 500 grams, around one pound. When Rosaleen approached us to ask for our support, the students were eager to help. A group of high school students got busy knitting blankets with especially soft fabric and in the signature colour purple for premmies.


Once the blankets were completed, we were invited to the hospital to have a tour of the incredible Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and present our special gifts. Two high school students and talented knitters, Clara Verna and Deborah Andriantseheno, accompanied by myself and the FLEX crochet teacher, Jill Chapman, had a most rewarding visit to the NICU. We met with Claudia Cinquino, NICU nurse care counselor, who spoke to us about the amazing work that happens in this unit to save these fragile lives. We learned a great deal about the care of the premmies and the initiatives of the NICU.

For World Prematurity Day, student council organized a free dress day and raised $350 to donate to the NICU. The Kells community is proud to support this important cause in Montreal that helps these tiny miracles have a better chance at life.


By Emily Marosi