Introducing: Kells Grade 12 Program

Starting in September 2017, Kells Academy will offer our virtual, yet supported, Grade 12 program. Our pre-university program prepares students for admission to the top universities. Upon successful completion, students will receive the Ontario Secondary Schools Diploma (OSSD) and be eligible to apply to all universities across North America, including Quebec.

This is an opportunity for students to partake in a program that provides a fine balance of independent learning, while having our dedicated teaching staff support their individual needs. Courses are taught by a certified teacher at our school campus and students receive the necessary guidance in order to complete the Grade 12 program successfully.

Our teachers ensure that students submit all assignments to Dropbox and that all quizzes have been taken. We will also arrange for students to be registered for any necessary exams and submit the exams online, once they are completed.

ESL training and tutoring will be available for students who require additional support. This will help them develop confidence in their skills and abilities.

Students enrolled in the Kells Grade 12 OSSD program are required to complete ten hours of community involvement. This requirement allows students develop responsibility and strengthen their leadership skills. The Kells staff monitor and support students throughout their community service. This is an incredibly enriching experience that can benefit them not just personally, but professionally as well.

Benefits of Grade 12:

  • The advantage of a one year academic program instead of two years of CEGEP.
  • A transition year to develop the independent skills needed for university, while still having the support and secure environment of high school. This combination is a recipe for success.
  • Students can progress at their own pace.
  • They develop leadership skills.
  • Classes are recorded, which is beneficial for students to review material.
  • Students who successfully complete grade 12 obtain the Ontario Secondary Schools Diploma.
  • Eligibility for admission to all universities in North America and Europe.
  • Guidance is available to assist students in choosing a suitable university and support is provided to help with the application process.
  • Small class sizes and a high degree of personal attention provide an ideal environment to allow students to succeed.
  • Kells students have the privilege of studying alongside classmates from all around the world. Learning in such a multicultural milieu helps prepare them for a challenging university career and teaches students to embrace diversity.
  • Assignments are sent and returned electronically.
  • A campus-wide wireless network allows for a broad and effective integration of information technology throughout the school.