Pledges for PBS

STUCO Heads to Plattsburgh

As part of a Student Council trip, Ms. Rubenovitch and Ms. Blain as well as four grade 10 students (Caroline Piquette, Deneale Ryans, India Legendyk, and Mohammed Labib) went to Plattsburgh, NY to the Mountain Lake PBS station.

The students were provided with a New York pizza dinner and were then put to work answering phones and taking pledges for the PBS station. The students received a script and instructions on what to say when answering the phones and how to take a pledge. The special feature that was playing that evening was a documentary called: Montréal: Mon Amour, Mon Histoire. It was very interesting to see the inner workings of a live show and although the students were nervous at first, they quickly warmed up to the camera and did a great job!

By Kimberly Blain