In a country with two official languages, we want Kells students to develop their French as a tool to communicate and interact with communities both in Quebec and across Canada.

Since we are aware of the advantages of language learning at a young age for developing proficient language skills, in the early years, students are taught the basis upon which they will build their understanding of French as a second language. As they progress, students at Kells have the opportunity to manipulate their French in various settings and areas, be it academic, social, or even cultural.

Through a multi-sensory approach, we bring our students to develop an appreciation for the language itself, for its value in our bilingual society and its contribution to our history and culture. In addition to the academic side of the language, we also look at how people from diverse fields ( musicians, poets, politicians and others) have used it to carry powerful messages.

With consideration to every student’s individual background and their previous and current exposure to French, at Kells, we tailor the lesson to best support the variety of levels in a classroom. Whether students are fully bilingual or completely new to French, we provide a learning experience that suits individual abilities. Additional French language instruction is offered after school.

Our global approach to French as a second language is thus set to ignite an interest towards the language while a strong linguistic base is developed. Through our dynamic engaging French program, students gain proficiency vital to an interconnected world.

By the time our students graduate from elementary school, they are ready to engage with the immediate francophone environment and further their own knowledge of the language.