English Language Arts

While adhering to the Quebec Ministry of Education’s guidelines, the English Language Arts program at Kells provides a rich learning experience. Students enjoy a variety of text and literature genres including poetry, fiction, non-fiction, short stories, novels, biographies, myths and legends, both in the classroom and in our library. Strengthening the program further are an online e-book guided reading program as well as research based instructional programs.

Students receive additional support with our learning specialist (See KEYS) as well as the benefit of technology tools. English Language Learners are guided with care as they navigate a new language while also learning the grade level curriculum. Advanced students have the opportunity to surpass grade level skills with a curriculum that is adapted to their own pace and degree of difficulty.

Our students are enthusiastic language learners thanks to a variety of school events and activities which challenge and motivate them, including Book Club, Reader’s Theatre, Reading Buddies and trips to the theatre. We encourage students to write for the Kells Academy Spring Journal and to compete in a Poetry slam and Public Speaking event. Our students connect with others through literature on a global level by participating in the Global Read Aloud. Literary discussions with classes around the world increase engagement and ignite an appreciation for the value of reading. Our rich language arts program inspires our students to develop a love for reading that will last a lifetime.